zombie ballerina

Zombie Ballerina

I don’t often show this zombie ballerina shoot but it is one I am very proud of. When I decided I wanted to focus more on horror photography I learned how to make fake blood almost immediately. I don’t always use fake blood in my shoots but felt this was something that needed fake blood.

She had been asking me all year during her dance season if we could do it and I kept putting it off. It had to be done outside because of the mess and I needed to plan it but the more I planned the more I felt like nothing could work. Then one day while sitting on the couch we just looked at each other and I told her to go find her practice outfit. The tights had holes in them already so we didn’t need to mess with that and I already had a jar of blood and a jello heart in the fridge. I was saving the jello heart for another shoot but whatever. I put up my canvas backdrops but didn’t worry how messy it would look.

My husband supervised because we did this outside in our driveway with onlookers. So many of my neighbors stopped to watch and it was weird to me because I do not live on a busy street but I do live in a nosey neighborhood.

I love vintage photos and when I go thrifting I look for them. I think there is a spooky feeling to them and knew that this would be perfect processing for them. It reminded me a little of the old Night of the Living Dead movie from 1968. I gave them a wet plate collodion feeling.

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