I don’t do many senior photography sessions. I have always just connected with younger children because I started photography full time 11 years ago. My two oldest were about the age of most of the children are that you will see in my past portfolio. As my own children have grown up so has my work.

When I decided to do more dark conceptual portrait photography about seven years ago I knew that I would get a few odd looks. I get them even more when I tell people I do a lot of work in cemeteries. One of my favorite cemeteries to work in is in Rockaway, NJ.

This senior photography session was photographed in the cemetery that I have done so many other sessions in. Her mom reached out to me through Facebook to tell me that her daughter wanted something different for her senior portraits. And she let me know that she LOVES nightmare Before Christmas and she wanted to do the session in a cemetery so of course I said yes. I admit that I wanted to do this session in Newark but was having a hard time getting in touch with the place I wanted to work at. But like all creatures of habit I leaned back on what I knew.

Jocelyn is this gorgeous red head with beautiful freckles and the most perfect skin tone. I love the dress that she wore and loved that she showed off her tattoos. She wasn’t afraid to lean on any of the structures and she came ready with a few poses that she wanted. I loved every single image from this session.

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