With the holidays just passing business has slowed down dramatically for me. This has given me time to return to photographing my own family. And to return the the type of photography I love the most, lifestyle. I neglected photographing them for some months because I was tired at the end of sessions. I was super busy during the last trimester of Dean’s pregnancy and would sometimes come home and fall asleep in the middle of a sentence. I can easily shoot a 4GB card of them and not want to trash a single image but it eats up hard drive space fast.

A couple of weeks ago my oldest was outside making mud pies. It was around my favorite time to shoot, 5pmish. The light was beautiful so I just opened the door, sat on the door stoop and started shooting. After about 10 minutes he looked up and gave me the best smile. I love this kid. He’s so awesome. If you happen to have one of my cards in hand you will notice he is on it. I didn’t mean to get the flare in it since I’m not too much of a sun flare fan but I think it fits. Enjoy!

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