Good morning and HELLO from your Austin military homecoming photographer!!

When I was active duty I used to love to shoot deployment homecomings. I LOVED it. I cannot even tell you how many I’ve done. But it is a lot. Sadly there is no water here but the Army isn’t too far to the north of me. I’ve done an Army maternity/newborn and another family session. I enjoy working with the military.

Amy contacted me to shoot her husband’s homecoming from a two year tour in Korea. He left when their daughter was only┬áseven months old so she’s never really seen him other than photos and video chatting. Pretty exciting to be there for their reunion. This is the airport series. Enjoy!

If you are interested in booking a homecoming session please shoot an email to the address listed below. Please be as specific as you can but honor OPSEC.
Austin Texas 760-402-7287

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