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I’m not sure if I talked about this before on the Army homecoming airport series but when I was active duty, homecomings were my specialty. I just love them. I love that first moment of reunion. I love the emotion and the tears of joy and the quiet “hello”. And sometimes you get the jumping up on the soldier and it knocks him on his behind reunion.  I myself was deployed and when I came home from my first deployment my mother had surprised me. That photo made front page at the Navy Compass.

Amy and Steve came back for a family session. Things can be hectic sometimes and the airport while wonderful doesn’t really give you the opportunity for a good family reunion session. There were so many people and it was late at night and peanut was super tired. Plus they had at least an hour drive to home. This session was shot at one of my favorite places around where I live. And I learned something new about bent trees and Native Americans. Amy is one smart gal. Once again, welcome home!! Enjoy!

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