Well we are here now in Austin and I admit I have mixed feelings. First of all the drive SUCKED! Almost 3 day drive through Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. New Mexico sucked! The drive through Texas wasn’t that bad. Our first night here someone set off the fire alarm in the building so here we are running out to the car and no one else was coming out of their places! Turns out it was a false alarm. I guess it happened the weekend before too. But it was a little excitement for our first night. Then for the last week we drove around to just learn the area. Very different than San Diego. Gas is cheaper and so are groceries. It’s very hot here and there’s so many food places. I can see how someone can overindulge here. Downtown Austin is pretty cool. There’s a river with the most beautiful houses on the hill top over looking the river. We didn’t stay much down in that area. The kids got hot and wanted to get in the pool so we went back to our complex. There’s a little hill behind our complex that I take the boys out and play on for a little while after dinner every night. It’s the only time I can really stand being outside since the sun is going down. Here’s a little photo I got of them the other night at sunset. They were blowing bubbles.

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