When our family decided to move back to Baltimore I was so excited. My children haven’t really seen anything green in over two years. Life was very hot and brown in Austin. While I loved many things about living there I knew that our family needed a different backdrop to our lives.  Being a Baltimore child photographer means lots of green to use in backdrops. This was my first session back in Baltimore photographing children. My own children get tired of the camera after awhile but they were excited for this because it was location scout day. They love to look for new locations with me to use in my children and newborn portrait work.  Before I left Maryland this area was not like this. I don’t remember it being so accessible. I just remember always seeing this beautiful forest and always wondered what was inside of it.

The morning we took this the boys were making paper boat hats out of newspaper and asking if we could find a beach. Where we live there are no beautiful beaches like California. There are only smaller beaches in little coves unless we want to drive an hour or two away from Baltimore. We found our beach but before we went to it I asked Owen to stop and look in the woods. He saw this stick and picked it up and then I snapped the photo. You can barely see his face and I like that. I don’t believe a photograph always has to show the person’s face for it to be a portrait photograph. Tons of my work focuses on the emotion and the rest of the body language. I sit for a little while and observe and wait for the perfect moment. Check it out at www.rocktheshotforum.com

Child-Photography-Baltimore-Columbia-Owings Mills-Outdoor-Forest-Laura-Short



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