If you’ve followed me for any amount of time you will know that I’ve been a newborn photographer right at two years now. I have four children so you would think that I photographed children more but I focused on newborn photography more for a very long time. I did photograph my boys much more when we moved to Austin but I never thought about newborn photography until a year before we moved to Austin. I didn’t touch my first newborn until I had my daughter Alice. And she was the dream newborn too! She slept and slept and didn’t potty and just gave me awesome newborn face. Today Alice is a rambunctious and beautiful two year old. She’s a little sweetheart with the biggest eyes and the best laugh ever. She’s such a chubby little princess. She is by far the hardest child I have ever had the pleasure of photographing. Getting her to look at the camera is impossible. Oh, she will look but then she will come running to smudge the lens with her little fingers. Because of that I have just resigned myself to lifestyle images of her. And you know what, they are some of my favorites. I’m hoping one day she comes around and lets me get the whimsical images that I am picturing in my head of her. But for now I will just enjoy these Cabbage Patch looking photos of her.

Toddler photographer Laura Short in Baltimore photographing birthdays.Baltimore children photographer birthday photos. And if you are interested in a Baltimore Child Photographer, Baltimore Baby Photographer, or Baltimore Family
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