It’s hot in Baltimore. But not as hot as Texas. It’s already the last day of July and 60 degrees as I am typing this. When I was in Texas it was 90 degrees at 8:50am many days. I used to think oh if I shot earlier it would be cooler. No. I will say that I am enjoying photographing anything now at 8:50am. I will say that being a Baltimore child photographer is much better than an Austin one. LOL

My boys have a love for the water. Just like their momma. So Owen was very unhappy when I interrupted their play time for some open shade shooting. I was actually photographing my sister’s dog when he came running around the gate to tell me he had to potty. Owen is my brooder. We call him Edward 😉 . Almost every photo I have of him he’s not smiling. Or making a happy face. But he does smile, just not for my camera. And that’s ok. I don’t need perfect smiley photos of him. I prefer to remember his age as he is, brooding and all.

My preferred time to photography children is during a cloudy day. Especially since I work outside. You still get lovely catch lights and you don’t have to worry about squinty eyes. Even during the preferred hours of shooting it can still happen a little. When I saw him running around the fence I had to wait for the perfect moment to get him so I moved right outside of where I needed to be and where I knew he would run to and had my camera up and ready. I noticed as a child photographer you have to observe and then wait for your sweet spot. Maryland has these awesome cloudy days during the summer time that give me insanely beautiful diffused lighting. And I’m not much taller than him but I knew I wanted good boken so I took a step up onto the bottom step and got the photo I wanted.

Children want to swim and be photographed by Laura Short Photography.
Laura Short Photography Child Photographer

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