I’ve been looking back over my work from 2012 and while I love it I feel I am being pulled in another direction. Photography is supposed to be about telling a story rather than “a cute picture”. And I feel I may have strayed too much into cute pictures and not enough story telling. Yes, I know the stories of my clients since I chat them up during our session but I feel like it doesn’t come across in my work too much. And I want more of that. I did one photo from this year where the parents were kissing and their son is sitting in between them and he looks at them and looks at me and he’s got this “HUH?’ look on his face. AWESOME SAUCE. And a few people commented on it on facebook and it was funny. It got me thinking..what was he really thinking? OR was he thinking at all?

In 2013 one of my big changes is my direction. I want to head in a more lifestyle direction. I chased my kids around for the first 6 months we were in Austin before I ever had a paying client and these are some of the best photographs I have of them. I have one of my son who didn’t know I was there, drawing on his chalkboard in his undies with his bed head. I would take that over a posed family photo any day of the week. I still LOVE posed family photography, but sometimes I feel it’s too fake. I did a Christmas session at another couple’s house this year with their son and it was one of my favorites from this year.

I know I might lose you now but a lifestyle session is one that takes place in your home or on your property or at a location that is personal to you. No more “let’s meet up at the most convenient park or whatever”. I really do want your session to be one of a kind, totally you. All about you. I want your newborn photos to look nothing like someone else’s photos of your baby just being your baby. I want to get down in the grass with your children and play with them while they are making mud pies or blowing bubbles. I want to get that kiss from dad to mom when you think I am not looking. Trust me, I see you.. Interaction with families is all about what I want to do. I had the perfect photo op yesterday of dad, mom and daughter all on different sections of their couch with their phones all up. I was secretly laughing but I thought this really is them!

I’m ending this now because it is 12:25am and I have an almost 4 month old who is stirring and wants to eat soon. 2013 is going to be a year of successful changes, new and old(hopefully) clients and just fun photography.

Another place to head for changes is the 2013 Rates page. I’ve started to work on new rates for 2013 and the new products I am offering and the old ones I won’t be offering at the same price. I don’t want to be a CD only business anymore. I know, I know, most of you closed the page and won’t be returning. And I respect that. I work very hard for you to give you beautiful work. I want you to be proud and excited to show that work. I will still be offering the CD but there are changes coming.

It’s now 10 minutes past when I said I was going and that little 4 month old is now up and crying so I am for real going this time. Good night!

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