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How To Make Fake Blood
August 11, 2017
Want to make fake fake blood?? Anyone that shoots horror or macabre photography will need to use fake blood. I make fake blood a lot and have at least three containers in my kitchen right now with it. I shoot a bit mo...
Carrie White They’re All Gonna Laugh At You | Denville Photographer
August 9, 2017
This idea for a Carrie White inspired session came a year ago. I read a lot last summer. I injured my back (again) towards the end last school year and couldn’t walk very well. I couldn’t shoot a lot year ...
Outdoor Princess Mini Sessions Denville
June 15, 2017
Yay for Princess Mini Sessions!!! Does your little one love dressing up in beautiful gowns and twirling around? Does she love mermaids and rainbows like my little girl does? If you answered yes then this is the PERFEC...
Denville Tween Photographer | Tin Type Photography
May 19, 2017
Tin type photography inspired session. Tin type processing mimicked in photoshop to create a haunting fine art series of images inspired by death.
Denville Child Photographer | Wildflowers
March 9, 2017
Wildflowers are beautiful.. Welcome and hello from Denville child photographer, Laura Short! I hope you like what you see, especially this post with beautiful wildflowers and share with your friends. If you do please ...
Denville, NJ Photographer | Jason Voorhees, Friday the 13th
February 17, 2017
Jason Voorhees is just scary! I mean think about it.. He’s a giant, he doesn’t speak, he wears a mask, and he wants to KILL. YOU. DEAD. And I grew up watching him. I don’t remember which movie I watched first but I kn...
Denville, NJ Photographer | Do you like scary movies??
January 19, 2017
Do you love scary movies as much as I do? If you have ever talked to me for longer than three minutes you know I love horror. I love scary movies, scary TV shows, scary books, I just love being scared… You get i...
Denville, NJ Photographer | Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions
Valentine’s Day is almost here Denville! What better way to get out of your winter funk than to do a fun session about love?! I am booking Valentine’s Day mini sessions now and would love to have you. &nbs...
Rockaway, NJ Photographer | The Crow
November 15, 2016
<p>The Crow photoshoot by New Jersey Child photographer Laura Short. Email hellolaurashort@gmail.com for a session. </p>
Morris County Photographer | Fall Mini Sessions
November 8, 2016
<p>Laura Short Photographer is your photographer for beautiful outdoor fall photos. Sessions are limited and book up quick so email today. hellolaurashort@gmail.com</p>