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Denville Child Photographer | Wildflowers

Fine Art Photography / No Comment / March 9, 2017

Wildflowers are beautiful..

Welcome and hello from Denville child photographer, Laura Short! I hope you like what you see, especially this post with beautiful wildflowers and share with your friends. If you do please click the contact bar and get in touch.



It’s been a weird winter. The kids are cooped up and I’m always cold so no way do I want to be outside any longer than I need to be. Walking into the grocery store or at the bus stop is my hard limit.  Some days it’s 18 degrees and then the next it’s 70. Just when I celebrate, the next day we are covered in snow for a few days. In fact it is supposed to snow tomorrow and it’s 54 for the high today.

Without having a dedicated studio space the winters can get a tad rough and every photographer knows that January-March is slow season.  A lot of people supplement this time selling education to other photographers, workshops, schedule some shoots during this time, or if you’re like me (a kid without a dedicated space) you shoot what is in front of you.

Years ago I used to shoot a lot of lifestyle photography and birth photography. I love shooting birth photography but I haven’t done any since moving to Denville last year. If you talk to me or work with me you will know I love the light. Light is what photography is all about. It is what photography is. It’s light. I can photograph you any time any place as long as I can find the light.

I take a lot of inspiration from paintings and older photographs lately. If you look in my bookmarks or my saved inspiration folder on my desktop I have a lot of older photographs in there. A lot are creepy Halloween images but that’s only because I like creepy stuff. My youngest spends almost all of his day in the living room. He plays video games, Legos, watches TV, and often parades in his undies in the living room. On one of the very few not gloomy days in the last two weeks I asked him to stand closer to the window and hold this flower in the photographs. He always makes silly faces. I told him he could make them during the whole session because I knew I was going to focus on the flowers instead of his face.

What is fine art?

I was asked this recently. It’s a painting of a person that is in such a way that you can display it anywhere at any time and it’s a classic piece of art. It is a good photograph that evokes an emotion or mood rather than a photograph of a person. My goal is to produce fine art photography that you can display all year round. Forget about all of those themed mini sessions that you can only display for a few days out of the year. You want beautiful art that you can be proud of and display all year long. I can give you that. Just click that contact button to get your free consultation and find out all of the details.

 Contact Denville child photographer Laura Short for a no commitment consultation today. If you’d like we can meet for coffee on me at my favorite cafe.


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