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Morris County Photographer | Beauty Portraits

Beauty Portraits / No Comment / April 21, 2016

As a mom I know how it feels to spend money on yourself, you feel guilty. I know. I have four children and I always feel like I should be giving them more and more. I meet moms that are similar in mind. I often read jokes on Facebook that “my kids look like a Gap ad and I look like a hobo”. 

I’ve worked with this mom for six months now. I’ve photographed her daughter’s newborn, three month and recently her six month photography sessions. Alicia is absolutely beautiful, she’s kind, and her daughter is always so smiley during every session. When I saw that we had her daughter’s six month session scheduled close to Mother’s Day I asked her if she would mind giving me a quick 30 minutes to do a beauty session with her. We talked about wardrobe, location,  and she could do her own hair and make up so I wouldn’t need to bring my team. She purchased this tulle skirt and wore a simple white top. She wore a floral crown that I made. 

She had these amazing flower trees in her front yard that I knew would be the perfect backdrop. The ground was a tad wet because it rain that morning so I didn’t have her sit on the ground for too long. Beauty portraits are more close up anyway so I didn’t worry about the  ground. 

I’ve done a few of these beauty portrait sessions with a few other moms in the past. I will blog about those sessions once I am finished with the post of them all. What I found the most fun doing this session was that Alicia was really into it and not one time did she put herself down. She didn’t talk negative about herself in any way and she was really into it. She wanted to feel beautiful and I think that really shows. Her smile is genuine. She really connected with me and the camera. I am looking forward to her daughter’s nine month session and I think I will ask her to do another beauty portrait session with me. 

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