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Morris County NJ Child Photographer | The Skeleton

Uncategorized / No Comment / February 19, 2016

You will likely see a lot of this kid in my work. He’s my muse right now, the camera loves him, and he’s my first born. 

The idea from this session came about during a family session over the summer. I photographed a family in this beautiful dead bean field. All the beans were drying up and dying for the fall. I had an image in my head of him standing out pretty far in the beans with his violin playing. I was going to photograph him in the beans, on top of a box in the beans and then outside on the ground, just all of the wonderful ideas I had in my head. A week later I was driving by heading to church and I pulled over immediately because my beans were gone!  What was I going to do? I didn’t have a back up plan. 

I love the horror genre and almost all of my kids are named after a scary movie except for Owen. He’s named after Owen Wilson from Drillbit Taylor. It was only a few days from Halloween and I knew I wanted to do the shoot before but I didn’t know where to do it. I think I was watching  the Karate Kid movie where Daniel goes to his school’s Halloween party and the blonde kid is dressed like a skeleton. BAM! I wanted to do the session in a cemetery. 

I asked him if he knew any minor key music yet and he said he knew how to play Twinkle Little Star in minor. It was so haunting. I picked up his make up, a $1.00 thick black eyeliner pencil and his cape at the dollar store. I live at the bottom of the hill from the cemetery we shot this in.  It was the day before Halloween and it was cold and it was just pure awesome. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did creating them. 

Laura Short Photography is a Morris County NJ Child Photographer located in Denville.. She serves locations around the NJ area including but not limited to Somerset County, Morris County,  Union County and Essex County, New Jersey. Are you looking for a Morris County NJ Child Photographer?

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