LOL at the title! Here I am again, your Cedar Park Family Photographer. Well not really but we went all the way (really not that far either! ) to Cedar Park to do this. Exactly 6 miles from my house. When this momma contacted me we talked about what type of session she wanted. “My husband is real manly”, she said. Manly. I admit I laughed. I’m good but what can I do with manly. We both laughed actually but I said I could handle it. I wanted to make sure these photos were special because they were a gift for her husband. One thing she forgot to mention was that she is a red head. A RED HEAD!! Can you imagine the SCORE that went off in my brain when I met her? I love red heads. In a totally non girl on girl way. But I love the red hair and pale skin combo. It’s just so pretty to me. So elegant. And OK they were wearing the Denver Broncos colors and the San Diego Charger fan in me went grrr a little BUT the Ravens fan in me said bring it on! We also photographed at my absolute favorite time of the morning..8am. Thank you both for introducing me to that little nugget son of yours. He’s beautiful! Enjoy!

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