Recently I decided to take a break from maternity and newborn photography and focus more on artistic work. Maternity and newborn photography can be artistic but I like a minimalist approach to it. I like to keep it clean and neutral colors and really timeless. Years ago the giant flowers on baby's heads were popular as were those crochet or knit animal props. I also have a back injury from the military that has really limited what I am able to do with newborn sessions. If you've ever had one done you know they can be loooooong and all of the bending and twisting to get the interesting angles is just too much for my back lately. So with doctor's orders I have officially put maternity and newborn photography on hold and have moved on to being a Baltimore teen photographer. Sometimes it is difficult to have an artist's mind. It's always going. I can't sit still for long enough and I want to always be creating something. I want to photograph something. Over the summer I decided I wanted to photograph a dancer. It took me awhile to find one. They are pretty busy I learned! We didn't incorporate her dance experience in this session enough. I admit when I went into this session I was not sure what I was going to do. I had a few dresses, some flowers, and a tiny bit of an idea that I wanted to at least photograph her against some leaves. There's this beautiful wall of leaves in the area I shoot in and I've never quite had the right person to shoot there.

I grew up with this little lady's mom. We knew each other in middle school and high school. And I adore her mother so I knew that I would enjoy working with both of them. I bought this dress at a second hand store and it was just fantastic. I made the tulle skirt over the course of a few weeks and it was too big for her! This girl had the most amazing connection with me. We worked for probably an hour before I lost too much light and we became mosquito dinner. There were so many amazing photos from this session. Enjoy!

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