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Hi, I’m Laura Short! I am a New Jersey Photographer. Please take a look around.

I am very minimal in my portraiture so you will not find a lot of props in anything other than a few elements from nature. I am drawn to neutrals and blacks and whites in my work. Everything is basic and focuses more on the beauty of the person in the image.  I jive most with children so I have chosen them as my body of work.

Yes, children do smile in a lot of my photographs but I have chosen an age to showcase the beauty that happens to also be the “awkward age” for most kids and they are shy to smile.  Smiling is something that I do ask for in some photographs but is not necessary. I like the strong emotional connection and smiles might be distracting. But yes, I do take at least one smile per pose.

I am also known as the horror photographer in my town and I think the children love it also. I grew up watching scary movies and supernatural shows so I am drawn immediately to darker imagery. Halloween is my favorite time of the year but I make it Halloween year-round in my home.

I am a Baltimore native now living in Denville. I take very limited commissions in Baltimore now.

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