Newborns have become such a love in my work for me. I love to photograph them either posed or in a lifestyle situation. Recently I decided to combine the two when I did the photography for this newborn in Owings Mills, Maryland. This was a great session for me because while I was able to get a beautiful siblings shot that I am sure the family will cherish for many years to come. This was also my birthday when I did this session (I’m catching up on blogging from many months ago).

Sometimes I’m asked what is the difference in a traditional newborn photography session and a lifestyle newborn photography session. In a traditional newborn photography session I pose the newborn with the help of an assistant in careful poses to ensure newborn safety. Newborns are never left to just “be”. They are carefully posed with the help of an assistant or a parent and that person remains nearby to ensure baby doesn’t become startled and move and get hurt. Also I use an assistant or a parent to help in the more complex poses and then composite them in Photoshop. I would not attempt any pose with a newborn if I did not feel the newborn was up to it. Sometimes they just don’t want to pose a certain way and I move on to the next pose.

In a lifestyle session the newborn is photographed in their lives with the help of clever posing. Sure you might not hang out in your newborn’s nursery all day but the nursery will change over their lifetime to a bedroom and it won’t look the same anymore. Nursery shots preserve the first days of your newborn’s life and give lets them see how things have changed. I find that sometimes when I return to do a newborn session that moms has printed out photos from the maternity session and they are now in the nursery. Lifestyle sessions are very stress free also and can be done all over your house.

When you are ready to book your Owings Mills Newborn Photography session or Baltimore Newborn Photography Session then please contact me today at or 760-402-7287.

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