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Parsippany NJ | Tween Beauty Session

black and white, children, Tween / No Comment / March 30, 2016

Parsippany NJ Child Photographer | The Tween Beauty Session

Black and white portraits are beautiful. There’s something about a black and white portrait that just really moves me. 

This age, the tween age can be a pretty rough age for just about anyone. Do you remember what life was like at 11? I remember crushing hard core on the New Kids On the Block.  Donnie Wahlberg was my boo. And then his brother Marky Mark hit the scene and it was all over for me. I still jam out to that song Good Vibrations (20 years later) when it comes on and I never miss a movie with him in it. 

This is Emily and she is my son’s best friend. She’s been over the house many times and I’ve always wanted to photograph her. In the last few weeks before we left Baltimore she was over more and more. Emily is different than most of the kids she goes to school with. She has curly hair and wears a jean jacket. She wears black boots that remind me of Dr. Martens and likes Dr. Who. My son doesn’t even know who that is. I wanted to do a mix of a tween and beauty session with her. She has beautiful eyes and great defined features. I dressed Emily in a simple black cardigan with little accents on the button. We had a small space to work in so I couldn’t go fashion with these images. I knew I wanted to process in black and white so I kept them very simple. 

Emily is just a fun person all around. She’s a 1980’s girl stuck in the body of a kid growing up today. She’s got a fun style, she loves great movies and has great taste in music. I know my son misses her very much and looks forward to skyping with her.

Emily enjoy your photographs!

Are you interested in a session for your child or tween? Please contact me today for a Parsippany tween photography session. I also do tween photography sessions for Denville, Mountain Lakes, Boonton, and Rockaway. 

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