Rabbit Tintype

I did these rabbit tintype digital images in 2017. I needed to do something artistic for myself. Every photographer gets caught in a rut and I was in my rut at the time. I went to Pinterest to look for inspiration and I started to see images with masks. I am drawn to spooky images and all things spooky, to be honest. I bought this mask and used it a few times but nothing seemed to work. I took my daughter outside to model a flower crown and she kept asking to wear this mask. I told her no because I was still in the mind that I needed to make something “pretty”. She fussed at me but sat there and let me get a few images of her wearing the crown. It was hot outside, these images were taken in August. She asked me again if she could wear the mask for “just one photo mommy” and I finally said yes. I managed to get six great images that I was very proud of. I knew that when she put the mask on that I wanted to edit them in the tintype process.  My friend asked if I’d like to submit them for a gallery submission that she was entering her drawings into and I said sure. I printed four of these on 12×12 wood and they hung in the gallery. I’ve tried to sell them a few times but now they are hanging on my wall in my living room wall. I hope you enjoyed my rabbit tintype photographs.

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