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Outdoor Sisters Portrait Session in New Jersey

children / 1 Comment / May 12, 2016

This is one of my most favorite sessions I have ever done. It was my favorite location and who doesn’t love the color pink? This is the session that made me fall in love with working with older children and pushed me away from newborns and toddlers. Outdoor Sisters Portrait Session in New Jersey by Laura Short. 

Now that we live in Denvile, NJ I have been scouting locations similar to this session. The bridge is very popular in my work and I never get tired of shooting on it.  I laugh when I look back on this session because I got poison ivy all down the left side of my body. I still don’t remember how either. 

A lot of preparation went into this session. The mom and I discussed hair and wardrobe. I had a vision in my head of contrasting hair but similar clothing because these sisters are close. But they couldn’t be any more different. The oldest was very into really girly stuff while the younger one was more tomboy and even carried a backpack similar to my son. I wanted one sister to have a big head of hair and the other to have very straight hair.

I took them shopping at Target because they had just put their Easter dresses on sale and I knew we would find a great deal. We probably shopped for an hour going back and forth on a few choices. We left it up to the youngest to decide on what she wanted to wear because we knew if she didn’t like it then she wouldn’t cooperate. She chose these pink dresses and told me while she hated the color pink that she felt like a princess in it. 

We lucked out on weather for this session. “April showers bring May flowers..”  yet there were no flowers in sight. After weeks of rain and a few days of sun we set a day to do the session.  I chose golden hour because I love the color of the light at that time. The day was a bit cloudy so I knew we wouldn’t have to worry about dapple light in the trees or any harsh lighting at all. I guided the girls in various poses with images of them together and by themselves. Mom let me know which were her favorite poses of past work of mine so I made sure the get those ones for her. You can see the photos from the entire session here. Enjoy!

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  • Jessica Hunt / May 13, 2016 / Reply

    Oh my. #BLACKGIRLMAGIC forreals! I just want to look at all of these images for hours, their skin is perfect. GOSH.

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