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Rockaway, NJ Photographer | The Crow

Tween / No Comment / November 15, 2016

If you are a child of the 90’s you will immediately recognize the face in the photos. Or you will recognize the make up. This movie was one of my favorites growing up. I don’t know how many times I watched it but it is enough to be able to quote lines from it. I absolutely love The Crow.

The Crow

As I move more into theatrical type in my work I am starting to draw inspiration from some of my favorite characters. I was walking through Spirit Halloween looking for some burn make up for my 80’s and 90’s horror villains shoot when I saw the white make up. My youngest wanted to be a clown for Halloween this year but we decided against it with all the drama going on with the scary clowns.  But I stood there holding the make up wondering what I could do other than a clown and it just hit me hard, Eric Draven.

When I have an idea and want to do it almost nothing stops me. The only thing that normally stops me is the funds to make it happen. But this would be easy. I studied film stills for the costume look. All easy things to find at any store really and she already had most of it. Black long sleeve shirt, black pants (I chose leggings because of the female model), black boots, black, electrical and duct tape, and a $25 trench coat from goodwill.

The entire look took me an hour to do. The hardest part was cutting the holes in the shirt because she’s a girl and I didn’t want to expose her in any way.  We watched clips from the movie that weren’t too unsuitable for a child so she could kind of get the emotion behind the character. I also talked to her about the movie and what it was about, angst and sweet revenge.

We shot this around sunset on an unusually cold October night. I work in cemeteries a lot so I know where to go and what to look for as far as good backdrops. I really wanted to do this in the Sleepy Hollow cemetery in New York but there was just no time to do it. These were shot in the First Presbyterian Church in Rockaway, NJ. I’ve had a few people who’ve seen these on Facebook ask me where I shot them.

My favorite part was editing this session. I had to get in the right mood so I looked at stills from the movie to get the right “color” and it was hard because it changed. I decided to go with a darker and cooler edit. And of course while I edited I listened to the soundtrack.

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