We’ve been in Baltimore for a little over a week now. It’s so odd to be living in the house I lived in when I left for the military in 1998. It’s much nicer looking now too. I don’t miss Texas. I miss my neighbor there but for the most part I am glad Texas is behind us. It’s hard saying bye to someone you care about and was part of your life for two years. She became my closest friend and almost a Grandmother to my children. There aren’t many really good people left in this world. But she is a good person. She really is.

Our drive to Maryland was a tough one. We had a sick Alice. She was running a fever for the entire 2 day drive. Dean was car sick. Jacob and Owen were back and forth fighting and the cat meowed the whole time. When we took the dog out the first night to go potty he peed all over the place outside. And inside. Good thing we were in a pet friendly hotel.

Our furniture gets here Friday. That means no more sleeping on a borrowed mattress and reusing plastic wear over and over. And the kids’ toys will be here. And so will the babysitter AKA big screen TV. We’ve been using the computer as a TV and it’s awesome but it gets hard sitting on the hardwood floor at times.

I’m way behind in work. I thought I left a cord out of the cord box for my camera to hook it up so I could work but a frantic rummage through proved otherwise. But hey, I got a C on my algebra final. No more algebra for me. I am happy to say that it is all behind me! AHAHAHAHAHA

Now it’s time to put Alice down for her nap so I can work on the galleries on this site. Take care and thank you for visiting!

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