Hello from Round Rock’s Lifestyle Photographer!!

It’s almost 8am and I have all four of the kiddos up. The boys are on their computer and Alice is playing in their room and Dean just finished nursing so he’s laying down staring at Uniqua from the Backyardigans. Fun times in the Bacher household.

Recently I made a shift from posed portraiture to lifestyle photography. And I am happy. I love the posed photographs but there is something I enjoy so much more about a prop free, posed free all natural moment.

For the first year we lived in Austin, I did not  have a single client. And I was big house pregnant. And it was hot. So I didn’t mind chasing my own children around all day with the camera.I have so many wonderful photographs of them just being themselves.  They are photographs I love so much more than any other type of photograph.

One of the things that always comes up when I talk to someone about hiring a professional camera is about how their spouse “owns a nice camera”. Cool. But how do you get photos of ALL of you in them? How do you get photos of you sitting on the couch enjoying a cup of coffee together? Watching your children and stealing kisses and remembering why you fell in love in the first place?

Hiring a professional to record your family members offers a variety of benefits. If you don’t own a camera capable of producing high quality shots, investing in a visit  from me can provide you with photos that aren’t blurry or grainy to share with your extended family. Sending photos to your family is the best way to keep everyone updated on the newest developments. All of my family lives in Maryland and my husband’s lives in California so we are always keeping everyone updated with photographs. Another question that I am always getting..”What should we wear?” With lifestyle photography you can wear anything you want to wear. You can even wear your pj’s if you want. There is no stress on you to be at your Hollywood best. There is always the option to do a few posed photographs with lifestyle so I still do offer that with every session.

Lifestyle is done in the comfort of your home. I’ve taken the stress out of traveling and getting there on time for you. I’m a military gal so I am always early. Because even when you are early you are late! While you are chewing over this bit of info take a look at a shot that was done on a whim this week. My son was home sick from school and I got this crazy idea as I was cleaning out my make up bag…Enjoy!

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