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Why Tween Photography Sessions?

children, Teens, Tween / No Comment / May 23, 2016

Our move to Denville was exciting not only because we were moving to a new area but I was excited to start a different genre of photography, the tweens. “Why tween photography sessions?” I was often asked that.

Child photography is fun because who doesn’t love a cute kid in a cute outfit? Who doesn’t love a toddler’s sparkling eyed and infectious laugh as they pop bubbles that mom is blowing out of frame?


“You’re so amazing and patient with her. I could never get her to do half of the things you’ve had her do today!”

 If child photography is so much fun then why do tween photography sessions?

Tweens are a forgotten age group, 9-13. Think about it, babies are usually photographed every few months. We all know the first year milestone sessions that are done every three months. Then parents usually use their phones to take a thousand snapshots of their kids over the next few years. Once school starts parents buy the generic school pictures, and then they don’t really do pictures until Senior Year.

So what happens in between the yearly school pictures?  Your kids grow! They change! They have long hair at the start of school and short at the end. They love Star Wars at Christmas time but by spring they’ve moved on to something else. Kids in this age range are like little sponges and are soaking up anything and everything around them. They are trying to find themselves in this giant world.


This is the time of encouragement. Let them be themselves and document this time with a photographer that knows what to do. Tween photography sessions are a huge boost of confidence and let your child express their style. Maybe your child has a favorite pair of jeans that are ripped or have splashes of paint on them. When I was a kid drawing on my jeans and coloring them was the thing to do much to the protests of my mom. Maybe your child wants to color their hair different colors or try that trendy new under shave. Your child might have braces and that’s okay.  Let them rock this time in their lives! 

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