I’m often asked how I get a few different poses. How does the baby hold it’s head up or how did you get the baby to stay on top of the football? While I’d like to say baby Hercules can do it all by himself,  it’s simply not true. I love photographing newborns. I feel very honored when someone asks me to take the most important photos in a person’s life. But what I love even more is that I do it in a safe manner. I want to share a composite of a newborn I did recently.

Here you can see the two photos I used and then the final image.  Basically I have mom or dad or an assistant place a finger on the side of baby’s head to keep it from flopping over and I will take a few snaps. Then I will have them hold the top of baby’s head and I will take a few snaps and then I will merge in photoshop.

I wouldn’t attempt any shots like these unless you are good at doing composites. Baby’s necks aren’t that strong at 4 or 5 days old. Please if you are a newborn photographer or a photographer interested in newborns, please do your research and study up on anything and everything you can before photographing a newborn. These babies are more important than getting “that shot”.

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